Here We Go Now...

Posted on by mckenzie humphreys

I've been trying to make myself write this post for a while now. Two months to be exact. Thats how long I've been in Austin. It was such a whirlwind deciding to leave Louisville and give Austin a try. My head is still kind of all over the place about it. I'm glad I came. I've met some great people out here already and the city really does have more than I could ever dream of. 

Austin is bursting at the seams with talented people, amazing night life and more delicious food than one person could possibly eat. Still I cant help but think of all the things I've left behind. The best family a person could be blessed with, genuine friends that could always be counted on and the rich creative community in Louisville.  As I was packing up my studio in Louisville preparing to make the big move across the country my uncle Tim Krekel's song Here We Go Now came on the radio. I couldn't help but think what fitting send off and the perfect beginning to a new adventure.